"From Ants to Plants and Wildlife too!"
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rodent and wildlife control

Phone Number: (303) 873-7378
Pest Control Hours: M-F – 8am – 5pm
Payment Options: Check, Cash & Credit Cards

Rodent Control

Above And Beyond Services is different from any other company in the Denver area in how we approach your mouse and rat problems. Our service consists of several components during our inspection. When we first arrive we will inspect the property to find how the mice are entering the home. When we have found any possible entry points we will seal them with Steel Wool, Copper Mesh or our special Wildlife Foam that has a chemical that mice and animals will not chew through because of the taste (this is not harmful to pets or animals).
During the inspection of the inside of the house we will clean all droppings as best as possible. We will install either Snap Traps or “Tin Cats” on the inside of the home to catch any mice that may still be in the house after the sealing, and monitor to see if mice are still entering the home.
On the outside of the house we will install bait stations with a rat and mouse bait. The bait stations are locked and labeled to the Department Of Agriculture standards to prevent pets and children from getting to the bait. The bait stations will be monitored by our technicians either monthly or bi-monthly to monitor the activity.

Wildlife Control

ABOVE & BEYOND offers humane nuisance wildlife control solutions for residential, commercial, and municipalities. Birds, bats, rodents, snakes, prairie dogs, pocket gophers, marmots and beavers are a great joy to watch, but you don’t want them in your house. Using the most integrated and ethical practices, we will safely remove these critters from your home (we are licensed by the Colorado Division of Wildlife). We also offer repair work to keep these critters outside where they belong.
It is best to hire a wildlife control service early to prevent extensive damage to your property. It can also be a safety hazard for your family so it is important to hire an experienced wildlife control expert to handle these situations promptly.

Since our wildlife control experts are licensed by the Colorado Division of Wildlife you can rest assured that your wildlife control issue will be handled properly.

If you are in need of a wildlife control service please call us right away so we can assess the situation and help you understand the steps needed to remove the problem wildlife. We also recommend that you do not attempt to get rid of the wildlife on your own. We are trained to handle the many forms of wildlife that impact properties in the Denver area and these situations should always be performed by a trained wildlife control expert.

Above and Beyond Services – Denvers Top Wildlife Control Service!

Call 303-873-7378 TODAY to schedule a consultation to deal with your Rodent problems!